Club News for 2018


WOW! What a great show we had! Please take the time to see some of the pictures from our 2018 SVKC knife show.



Boyd Burkholder and Larry Gray did all the table layout prior to the show which saved hours of time for our Friday morning set up. Thank you Boyd and Larry for your help.







































Febuary 20th 2018 Club Meeting

We had a wonderful meeting last night with great food and drinks. Peter Frye gave us his story of how he got involved in knife making and knife collectiing. Thanks Peter! we enjoyed you giving us a litlle part of your past with knives and the love for them.


Peter Frye





















Several of our members brought knives to the meeting for show and tell.

Below are some pictures of Gene Sampson and Mike Martin with some of their collection. If you are interested in any of their knives or just have questions, I'm sure they would be glad to answer any questions.


Gene Sampson (540) 574-0824





Mike Martin (540) 836-6788




Febuary 20th 2018

We were so sorry to hear of one of our dearest members Ben Hulsey has past away and going home to heaven. We will surely miss our dear friend and club member. Below is his obituary for your review. Sometimes a picture of his brings back memories of such a kind hearted man we will truly miss.



February 6th 2018


The Shenandoah Valley Knife Collectors were saddened to hear of the loss of one of our dear member, Gary Hunt.

Below is the Obituary for Gary Hunt. He will truly be missed.


January 27th 2018

Below at the Fishersville Gun Show are SVKC members Jim and Scott Watson. Jim is one of the best in leather work and has a great knowledge in knife making. Jim has brought his son Scott into the world of knife making as well. Scott is now custom making his own knives with designs of his own that are creative and making wonderful hunting or working type knives.

Jim and Scott can be contacted for leather work , knives for sale or orders for custom knives at 434 823-1314.




                                                    January 27th 2018

Below is Gene Sampson with the Shanandoah Knife Collectors at the Fishersville Gun Show.

Gene has been a long time member serving as our President, Vice President, Secretary and Club committee for over 25 years and has a world of information on all levels of knives, their values and history.

If you are interested in talking to Gene or purchasing some of his knives for sale please contact him at 540-810-0696.





2018 News:

We had unexspected weather conditions for our 1st club meeting in  2018. Some of our regular members were not able to attend our meeting held on January 16th 2018 so our sweet dear Vice President Donna Sampson took the time to edit and send out meeting information from this past Tuesday nights meeting.

Please see meeting minutes posted below. We hope to see all of you at our next meeting scheduled for Febuary 20th 2018.


Shenandoah Valley Knife Collectors January 16, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 7:30. Donna welcomed the guests in attendance.

Liz Judd read November meeting minutes. (Will mail you)

Ralph gave the Treasurer’s report. (Will mail you)

We voted on three new members that were unanimously voted into our club.

Keith Dovel from Grottoes, Robert (Bob) Stover from McGaheysville, and Jagger Siever from Harrisonburg. All three are knife collectors and excited to become members of our club.

Ralph reported there is one table left for the club Knife Show. All club knives are sold. One prototype will be auctioned at the show banquet. He has one club knife left from last year. He passed around a brochure on a Great Eastern gun stock knife that he made the recommendation for our next club knife.

This might be a good possibility for next year which will be our 30 Anniversary.

Gene shared with the club about the Knife Road Show which is organized by Bruce Voyles.

Club members may want to consider attending this show which will be March 2nd and 3rd in Dalton, GA.

Central Kentucky Knife Show will be in Lexington, KY on August 17th and 18th. It was also mentioned that anyone desiring to attend the Blade Show the club will cover travel and room.

It was good to have Dr. Cason at our meeting. He is a long time member with this being the first meeting he has attended since 1998.

Many expressed missing Steve Thomas, President due to the inclement weather and traveling over Afton Mountain. You were missed!

The 50/50 was won by Pete Robinson and he gave back the $24.50 to the club.

Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Donna Sampson

Vice-President SVKC



2017 News:

The 26th  Annual  Greater Shenandoah Valley Knife Show  was held  March 31, April 1 and 2,  2017  at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds Main Exhibition Building.  The show was a great success, with  209 tables sold.  Attendance for the show was brisk, with much activity for all three days. An annual tradition of the show is the Silent Auction, using items donated for the purpose by dealers, custom makers and club members.  

On Sautrday evening, the Annual Show Banquet was held at the Wood Grill Buffet in Harrisonburg, VA with nearly 80  custom makers, dealers and club members in attendance.  

A highlight of the evening was the awards given for  several categories  of collections, displays, and individual knives.

The following were the winners in the various categories:

Best Factory Collection - This award was won a second year in a row by Kelly Cook for his collection of  Remington straight and folding knives.  Kelly's collection consisted of several sets of pearl handled Remingtons, some switchblades and "ball-pull" knives, and numerous advertising knives.  Congratulations, Kelly !!

Best Factory Display - This award was won by Larry Oden  of the Buck Club for his striking display of Buck knives, featuring knives from the 1960's.  The knives included several fixed blade knives and 110 Series knives , along with historical information and factory tang stamps. 

Best Custom Collection -  This award was won by Davy Aylor for his display of over 75 custom knives with a wide range of designs and handle materials.  Some of the knife makers in Davy's display included Mike Drost, Edmund Davidson, A. D'Holder, Don Marlowe and Jerry Hendrix.

Best Custom Display -  This was won by Jerry Stein for his great display of Ken Steigerwalt custom made knives.  The display featured fixed blade and folding blade knives of various handle materials such as stag, pearl, mastadon ivory, ram horn, etc. Included were many damascus blade art pieces.  Great display !! 

Best Youth Collection - This category was won by Emily Durham for her collection of Case mini Trappers, which included numerous production handle materials, and a customized Case by Dave Thomas. Way to go, Emily !!

Best Factory Fixed Blade Knife - This was won by Stacy Apelt for his 1880's era US Navy sabre, which was made by J. M. Litchfield &Co. of San Francisco.  The sabre had a fancy brass guard and hilt, heavily engraved blade, spiral wrapped handle and a formed leather sheath with a "pine cone" tipped gold sash.

Best Factory Folding Blade Knife -  This was won by Kelly Cook for his Remington Groundskeeper's knife.  The knife was made by Remington for the "Stump & Walter Seed Co." and had a large sheepsfoot blade and a secondary blade etched "Weed Cutter".  The knife was in mint condition and had imitation ivory handle scales.

Best Custom Fixed Blade Knife  -  Won by Stacy Apelt for his "Wootz" design dagger with 8,000 year old bog oak handle and nickel silver fittings.  The blade grind on the knife was a modified "besh"  grind.

Best Custom Folding Blade Knife - This was won by Murray Sterling for his  3 blade folder, which consisted of a lockback primary blade, with two secondary slip point blades.  Stage handle scales, with jewelled blade tangs and frame liners.  Perfectly executed !!

Best Hi-Art Knife -  This was won by Stacy Apelt for his "Gambler's Dagger".  It consisted of a mokume damascus blade, spiral ebony handle with gold twisted wire inlaid along the thin edge of each spiral and bone "human skull" pommel.

Best Tactical Knife -  This new  category was won by Joseph Kluczeynski for his blackened steel tactical knife sheath, with tanto style tip and synthetic handles.  It had a red cord lanyard, and camo colored kydex snap sheath.

The club extends its congratulations to all exhibitors and makers in the knife judging categories.  Participation was excellent, and  so was the quality  of  the entries !!!


                       MAY 18th  2017 - Welcome Boy Scouts! 


At the May 18th meeting, the SVKC was privileged to host Boy Scout Troop #124 of Tenth Legion,  north of Harrisonburg.  There were 30 scouts and family members present.  They were treated to a presentation by club member Edmund Davidson on the subject of making integral knives. Edmund described his history in the knife making field, from conventional stock removal hunting knives with applied holsters and handle scales, to his development of the integral knife, in which one piece of steel is used  for blade, bolster, and butt.  A continuing theme in his presentation to the scout troop was setting a goal, pursuing it and not giving up.

At the close of Edmund's presentation, he fielded questions from the scouts.  Following that, Wes Shrader donated a vintage Boy Scout knife which was won by Scout Aiden Kline. A second prize, one of Edmund's hard cover books about the integral knife and his career, was won by Scout Jacob Dellinger.

Another highlight of the evening was the recognition given to two young members of the SVKC who recently were graduated from high school:  Grace Hewitt, grand-daughter of Wes and Sharon Shrader, and Drew Durham, grandson of Davy Aylor.  Congratulations were given to both of them, and best wishes in their upcoming college careers!


Edmund Davidson and his presentation to Boy Scout Troop #124 of Tenth Legion